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Home Recording Studio Desk Options
SongCraft Station is no longer offering desks for sale. While we are no longer building desks, we have chosen to keep this site online so you can view/study our products while searching for a desk elsewhere. We hope you find this site helpful and informative


SongCraft Station is a small custom shop whose master craftsmen hand-build fine furniture home recording studio desks in 3 sizes. Our desks are specifically designed smaller than other pro audio desk brands for use with laptop, IPad, and smaller home recording platforms and offer an alternative to other pro audio brand desks that are too large to fit in many home studios. Importantly, our brand offers an array of custom options that allow users to hide unsightly wires and cables, and match our desks with their home decor.

All Standard Series models are made of 3/4" thick MDF board, and come with rock maple tapered legs painted black, 2 standard sized 15"w x 15"d monitor stands, midi controller keyboard drawers, and your choice of hardwood trim on both the desktop edging and monitor stands. All desks can be customized with matching hardwood legs, casters, and our optional desktop cable cabinets with or without power strips.

Our New All-Wood Series models are built with 3/4" Grade A plywood veneer and are slightly lighter in weight than our standard series desks. Because these stunning desks are lighter in weight than our Standard Series , we strongly recommend ordering our Desktop Cable Cabinets with these models to offset keyboard weight. For users ordering our All-Wood Series studio desks with keyboard drawers and not wishing to order our optional cabinets, wall-mounting brackets will be provided to assure stability.

Our 64.5" wide GRANDE Model is our largest desk and measures in at 64.5" wide, 27.5" deep, and 34" high. It's 55.5"w x 21"d keyboard drawer is made to hold either 88 and 76 key controllers.

Our 53" wide COMPOSER Model is 53" wide by 27.5" deep and 34" high, and includes a 44"w x 21"d keyboard drawer designed to hold 61 key and smaller keyboards.

Our 48" wide SONGWRITER Desks are our smallest models at 48" wide by 25.5" deep and 31" high (chair height). These desks are not offered with keyboard drawers. Instead, they come standard with a pair of monitor stands, a decorative hardwood utility drawer ( 37" x 13" x 2.25"), and hardwood legs that match your choice of hardwood trim selection.

Our standard size Monitor Stands have 15" x 15" platforms and provide a 15" x 12" x 7" high staging area for equipment beneath them. Custom size monitor stands are available upon request.

SongCraft Station is a small custom artisan shop comprised of master builders and musicians with over 100 years combined experience crafting fine furniture and making great music. We are not a large corporate entity; rather, we're more like a luthier shop, and each desk we build is a unique work of art and receives our undivided attention. We are creative with our purchasing and shipping to provide our customers with custom products at competitive prices while maintaining the highest degree of quality in all that that we do.